How to find CBD on the internet

4 Reasons NOT To Use Opinion Reviews On The Internet To Decide Which CBD Oil Product To Buy

Top 4 reasons

When you type your keywords in your Google search bar a lot of times, you get a marketing review from an affiliate marketing writer. Here are the top 4 reasons to keep searching:


Affiliate Marketing

  •  This person is most likely paid a commission as an affiliate marketer whenever someone links to a third-party website from their article and makes a purchase based on that recommendation. Hopefully, that reviewer has integrity and isn’t giving fake reviews for the sake of profit, but how can you be sure? With a product like CBD oil, it is wise to look for a much more expert opinion based on facts.


Not Experienced

  •  These writers, in general, are not field experts and haven’t done the extensive research it takes to start to understand what makes good, pure, CBD Oil; best practices, etc. For example, an article I came across when I Googled “how to choose CBD oil” this morning, led me to a market review of 7 reasons to buy online with the seven most trusted oils listed in the same article. Now, I don’t know if this person has tried 7, 100, or 0 CBD oils and products but my instinct tells me it isn’t much more than seven if that. If I have only tried seven oils and all 7 pay me a commission and all 7 make a list how can I genuinely state that I can tell you what 7 of the top brands are out of hundreds? I can’t.



  •  There will be plenty of keywords used but no scientific evidence to back the claims up. Once more, these writers present good reviews but once you know a little bit about the subject from proper factual research, you will see how misleading the reports are. It is hard to sort through this information as a consumer as over 70% of CBD products on the market today have been mislabeled. Many don’t even contain CBD at all or contain trace amounts. In the same article mentioned above, the writers top 3 picks have fillers in them, and they seem to boast about this like it is a good thing. When picking a CBD product, it is suggested to stay away from all fillers if you want an excellent therapeutic product not weighted down with unnecessary additives.


Asymptomatic (I like this word, not sure how it pertains though) 🙂

  • They list the top symptoms of why oil is used. In this example, product recommendation #2 which contains a filler in the ingredients states that this product helps with:
  1.  Insomnia
  2. Anxiety
  3.  Head Aches
  4.  PMS Pain
  5.  Stress
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It should. Any good CBD product should help with all of these, so all products reviewed in that article should list therapeutic relief from all of the above. The chart below is an example of what each cannabinoid does that can be found in CBD oils.

Cannabinoid Breakdown

FB_IMG_1534373840168 (1)


You should be able to easily find lab reports showing which cannabinoids are in your product if it is a reputable company.


Will the real CBD please stand up?

So, with all this misguided information out there, how do you know what CBD products are pure and meet the major guidelines?

  • Third party testing should be readily available to show actual ingredients and that the product is free of any molds, metals, yeast, etc. Also which cannabinoids and at what strength are in your bottle.
  • The product should be American made from seed to sale.
  •  There should be NO fillers or additives and preferably should be extracted using       CO2 extraction.
  • Preferably product should be Organic and Non-GMO.


Let me tell you about my CBD products!

Everything I am going to tell you can be verified very easily.

My CBD oil is made in Kentucky from this little business called Gencanna.

It’s not so little and is in the process of expanding even larger in KY bringing new jobs and money to farms who have been struggling.  They repeat the info you can find on my website on theirs. It is as pure of a product that you will see, and we stand behind that with a 60- day empty bottle money back guarantee!

You can find third-party lab results here Lab Results.

You can find testimonies in several places. Find me on Facebook, and I will add you to some private groups to see and discuss results with real people. You can find me under Jennifer Ready Salgado.

Find information on being an independent distributor here: Jenns Happy Hemp – CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

More about my story here: Mammaw Chronicles Home

You can browse all my awesome, life-changing products here: Jenns Happy Hemp


I hope I have been able to teach you a little something so that you feel more informed and confident in your CBD decisions. If I can answer any further questions for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you and look forward to hearing from you.




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