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About Us

About Us

First of all, let me tell you some things about us. For starters, my name is Jennifer, and I am a 41-year-old mother of two grown children and grandparent raising grandchildren (kinship care). I do not do this alone. My husband of now 21 years, Roger, has been here through it all. We have four beautiful, energetic grandchildren. My daughter, their mother, Chelsie passed away at 24 on New Year’s Eve 2016. Thus taking the only sibling our 20-year-old son Trey had.

Since that time, we have experienced many blows that have tested our family. However, we have learned many things along the way. Most importantly, we have learned to cherish the beautiful moments. Notably,  the beauty of nature, quality time with loved ones and the importance of slowing life down, so it doesn’t pass you by.

Facing Fears

This year I will meet my fears while also searching for the meaning of my life. My experiences will be shared here with you, in hopes of inspiring courage and healing in those who need it.

My reasons for writing this blog

At the beginning of 2018, I committed to starting a blog to share my stories of heartache, struggle, and survival. You will also hear about my families blessings, adventures, victory and everything in between. Most importantly, we will explore my journey of faith. I haven’t questioned my faith or got angry with God through my struggles. Therefore, I have felt closer than ever to him and understand that my journey is meant to bring me close to him and strengthen my faith and understanding. Moreover, I am to help others struggling to get closer to God and their personal understanding.

Why I am sharing everything

Writing about my hardships and sharing with others has helped me begin to heal. One of the most therapeutic ways to get stronger is by spending time with people who know what you are going through.  When you see that you aren’t the only one behind the wall that separates you from the rest of the world, it starts to get less overwhelming.

Advocating against mental illness stigmas and social injustice

Secondly, I will use this forum to speak up for mental illness, improper sentencing of the mentally ill and minorities among the poorer social classes and neighborhoods.  I hope to advocate in Chelsie’s honor in hopes to save many more daughters and sons from losing the battle of mental illness, drug use, incarceration and failure of the system to these individuals.

We are all GODS children

I believe we are all GOD’s children and we are meant to look out for one another in the pursuit of peace and common decency.


I invite you to take a peek at this House we call Khaos and if nothing else know that you are not alone!

The Khaos Kast

Now it gets interesting we have Kera (10) going on 30, Kaden (8), Kennedy (6) going on 35, And Kendrick (5). I have dubbed us “The House of Khaos,” and that’s what you will find us under on YouTube.

The Starting Line Up

♥Chelsie – Lived life to the fullest, A mixed bag of emotions and the reason I strive to end the stigma of mental illness, injustice, and proper sentencing. We grew up together, and she left me way too soon. ♥ ♥Trey- The picture of a momma and her little boy. He grew up making us laugh and showing more love than we had ever known. He makes me proud every single day to call him my son! ♥

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