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For The Love of Young Readers

Favorite Childhood Reading As a pre-adolescent girl I can’t imagine life without the escape I got from my favorite books. Incidentally, they still hold places in my heart today. For instance, among the most influential and remembered tales were “Are you there GOD, it’s me, Margaret, The Boxcar Children, and the V.C Andrews, Flowers In.



Grandchildren: The little people Grandparents get to love, spoil, show off, brag about, and then send home. Grand-Parenting Grandchildren are GODS gift to parents, after raising our children. Our hearts somehow grow even bigger with love. I love mine with such intensity; it brings me joy to hear them laugh. Sadly, my husband and I.


Kinship Care Crisis in KY As I was Googling Kentucky Kinship Care 2018 yesterday I came across the coalition page. There had been an update in the last week. Still no money, but leaders have been in session and addressing supports for Kinship providers. The plans will not be shared until later this year and … Continue reading “KY’S KINSHIP CARE CRISIS”

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