Side Gigs

Five simple side gigs!

Side Gigs

The following links offer cash or credit for minimal effort other than sharing and clicking on them. Most importantly, I have tested each one and can attest that they do pay and are not a scam.

The VIBGYOR Color Fonts Bundle: 52 Font Families with 85+ Unique Fonts $29 for a limited time.

App-based; Root pays you $25 for everyone who clicks on your referral link and gets a quote. Additionally, the other party also gets $25 for obtaining the quote. Even better, you do not have to purchase the insurance, get the quote, and get paid! There is a $1000 cap on this program, so you get paid for up to 40 referrals! For those reasons, the Root referral program is one of the easiest side gigs I have found.

Consequently, in my case, Root saved me about $100 a month, so I purchased the plan. You do have to give them your driver’s license info and allow them to monitor your driving for a day or so, but it’s not intrusive. It’s helpful to know how you are doing, and then you get a quote based on your driving and not your credit score!…


Use this link to create a new account and receive $10 and free delivery with your first order over $10. Then you can start sharing your link. When someone claims the $10 from your link, you are credited with $20 in your account. Easy!


Dasher is the title of Door Dash’s Delivery Drivers. I have loved doing this. For one, I work when I want to, can cash out when I want to, no boss, no work I don’t want to do, and it pays decently. Moreover, average pay has been between $10-$15 an hour, and it is strangely a stress reliever for me.

If you need some extra cash to put up for rainy days, a project, or a vacation, this is a great way to do it. Sign up from my link, and when you do 200 deliveries in 60 days, we both get a cash bonus. To sweeten the deal, show me that you did 200 deliveries and I will give you $100 from my bonus as soon as I receive it!

As soon as you have signed up and before you get the acceptance email, create an account for inbox dollars and find the Door Dash offer for an additional bonus for yourself!


Web Talk is a Facebook/LinkedIn/Indeed/CMS/Email/Cyber Market in the making and here’s where it has the chance of making you a passive profit.

During the BETA phase which is nearing completion, anyone who joins the platform from your link goes in a tier under you, and anyone they refer goes under them, etc., Anyone in at this level will earn commission for the next five levels under them if they join paid services anytime in the future. Anyone in during the next phase will get lifetime commissions from the one tier below them that they refer. WebTalk is completely free. The paid additions will be for the business side of it. Although this might go nowhere, there’s a chance it gets huge so sign up with my link and then start getting your link out there!

Do you know about some great referral programs not listed here? Let me know, and I will sign up under you. Try these out and let me know how well they work for you.

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