Grandparents Korner

GrandParents Korner

Kinship and Fictive Caregivers

As you may have read on the home or about pages, I am a grandparent raising my four grandchildren. Tragically, my daughter, their mother, passed away on December 31, 2016. However, I have had full custody of the oldest three since 2013. Consequently, this process has been hard and traumatic. As kinship and fictive caregivers, we face losing everything, including our jobs, homes, cars, savings and even friends when we unexpectedly take in the children. Unfortunately, the system is not set up in any of our best interests, and I hope to see that changed very soon.  

Why I started blogging 

First, of all, caregivers are at the heart of why I started blogging. Notably, we need support from our communities and the agencies that oversee child welfare, as currently, most support lies within Foster Care, although it is more costly. Often, foster care is also a detrimental placement for children that are removed from their families. Conversely, it is up to us, the families, to create positive change for all involved and demand a better system

. Furthermore, we should not be suffering such financial difficulties and struggling to find support for our grandchildren. To clarify, I am speaking about all kinship and fictive caregiver situations, not just grandchildren.

We are not alone. Hence, together we can encourage change that supports the genuine best interest of the children involved. Like so many of you, my family has suffered mentally and financially because of the injustices and lack of support shown to kinship caregivers.

Find caregiver resources here:

and here:

Thank You!

To all grandparents, family members and friends providing kinship or fictive care, thank you! You are heroes to me and the children you love and keep safe. What you do is not easy or fair but you do it every day anyway. Take time for yourselves as a rule and live for today, otherwise you wont be mentally able to care for anyone.

In conclusion, I am in the beginning stages of this idea of mine.  First, my vision is to create a friendly, supportive community packed with resources for all kinship and fictive caregivers-secondly, a place to come to share our stories of hardships and wins to encourage each other. Lastly, a place to go for help in gaining support and needed resources. Namely, to provide the best outcomes for our families and raise awareness in our communities to the injustices many of us face daily. Personally, my top issues are with nonexistent Kinship assistance, see:

also, children negligently removed from their homes by the very organizations put into place to protect them, see:

Empowering Yourself

I have a collection of around 100 top-selling audiobooks that promote self-improvement, growth, and awareness. Also, a few thrown in for entertainment. Accordingly, part of taking care of yourself means continuous self improvement and empowering yourself to keep growing. Therefore, I am providing my digital audio library to my email subscribers as a gift. Find the sign-up link below if you have not already registered.

Please Share

Again, thank you for your role in kinship and fictive caregiver families. Please share this article with your friends and family involved in these caregiving roles so that this community can grow into the place I have envisioned for us all.

I share my stories here with the public because I have been led by GOD to do so. The lessons we must learn are often especially painful, but I trust GOD has a reason and one reason is to help others to heal from their experiences. In addition, to become closer to GOD in our weakness.

2 Corinthians 12:10
That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults,
in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties.
For when I am weak, then I am strong.


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