Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

This menu category will be used for, you guessed it, resources. Hopefully, you consider one or more things here to be helpful resources. For example,

Click the link above to see if you are eligible for help with medications. A list of what diseases are covered in the program as well as what medications are covered, and a link to complete an application can be found on the page.


This link leads to resources available for kinship caregivers and grandparents raising grandchildren alike. Currently, it could use some work and I plan to get to that soon.

Coming Soon:

  • Freelance and Remote job information. The future is quickly leading to more and more remote jobs.
  • Rewards offers
  • Referral Links that pay cash or credit and are verified to be legitimate. I recently shared an article highlighting a few of the best referral links I have. Click this link to start earning a little pocket money clicking the link

Warby Parker’s Pupil Project Collection

Where are my bag ladies? As you know, I love my bags. Incidentally, you can never have too many. And these serve a higher purpose, organization! See Below.

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