About Us

About Us

My name is Jennifer and I am a 41-year-old mother of two grown children and grandparent raising grandchildren (kinship care). We have four beautiful, energetic grandchildren. My daughter, their mother, Chelsie passed away at 24 on New Year’s Eve 2016. The last year and a half has been full of lows that has tested our entire family but we have also shared some beautiful moments and have learned some things along the way. I decided this year that I would face my fears while searching for the meaning of my life. I plan on writing about some of those experiences and hopefully will inspire courage in others.

At the beginning of 2018 I committed to starting a blog to share my stories of heartache, blessings, adventures, struggle, victory and whatever else comes up. I do this because it provides therapeutic support to me and I hope to advocate in Chelsie’s honor in hopes to save many more daughters and sons from losing the battle of mental illess, drug use, incarceration and failure of the system to these individuals.


We are all GODS children

I believe we are all GOD’s children and we are meant to look out for one another in the pursuit of peace and common decency.


I invite you to take a peak at this House we call Khaos and if nothing else just know that you are not alone!

The Khaos Kast

Twenty-three years ago, I met my soulmate, Roger. We have now been married for twenty years and he is still my best friend. We have put alot of work into it. You don’t keep anything for that long without working on it. Chelsie was two when we met and he raised her as his own, which makes him a saint in my book.   Trey will be 21 and is an electrician apprentice and a huge influence in the kids lives.   Now it gets interesting… we have Kera (10) going on 30, Kaden (8), Kennedy (6) going on 35, And Kendrick (5). I have dubbed us “The House of Khaos” and that’s what you will find us under on YouTube.



The Starting Line Up

Chelsie – Lived life to the fullest, A mixed bag of emotions and the reason I strive to end the stigma of mental illness, injustice and proper sentencing. We grew up together and she left me way too soon.  Trey- The picture of a momma and her little boy. He grew up making us laugh and showing more love than we had ever known. He makes me proud every single day to call him my son! 

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