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GrandParents Corner

Caregivers are at the heart of why I started blogging. We need to be heard and understood. It is helpful knowing you are not alone and it is my hopes that we can come together for change and for the best interest of the children we sacrifice for.

Misplaced Children Here and At The Border.

Child Abuse and Child Separation in all forms is difficult to face. So many have stood up to fight the government over the treatment of the foreign children removed from their parents at the border and the inhumane conditions they are kept in. Why are blind eyes turned from the children removed by social services daily and the horrors that can go on in foster care? The political propaganda needs to be removed from this situation and as a human race we should be speaking up for ALL children in horrific situations. #ittakesavillage #allchildrenmatter!

Kinship Survival Guide

Grandparents raising grandchildren or GRG for short, is a growing issue all over the country. In this article I will share some tips for survival.