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Grandparent Raising Grandchildren

For The Love of Young Readers

Give your children the gift of everything reading and try for free. ABC Mouse provides hours and hours of learning and it's subsidiaries supplement with reading and fun activities.
Chocolate Trifle Cake

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Chocolate Trifle Cake Dessert Shopping List 1 box chocolate cake mix ( I use devil’s food) {See package for needed ingredients}2 small boxes of instant chocolate puddingMilkCool WhipChocolate bar Preparation Follow directions on cake mix to prepare the batterDivide cake batter into 2 round cake pansBake per instructions Prepare instant… Read More »Personal Recipes
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Grandchildren: The little people Grandparents get to love, spoil, show off, brag about, and then send home. Grand-Parenting, When Grandparents Become The Parents Grandchildren are GODS gift to parents, after raising our children. Our hearts somehow grow even bigger with love. I love mine with such intensity; it brings me… Read More »Grand-Parenting