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Grandchildren: The little people Grandparents get to love, spoil, show off, brag about, and then send home. Grand-Parenting Grandchildren are GODS gift to parents, after raising our children. Our hearts somehow grow even bigger with love. I love mine with such intensity; it brings me joy to hear them laugh.… Read More »Grand-Parenting

GrandParents Corner

Caregivers are at the heart of why I started blogging. We need to be heard and understood. It is helpful knowing you are not alone and it is my hopes that we can come together for change and for the best interest of the children we sacrifice for.


Kinship Care Crisis in KY

As I was Googling Kentucky Kinship Care 2018 yesterday I came across the coalition page. There had been an update in the last week. Still no money, but leaders have been in session and addressing supports for Kinship providers. The plans will not be shared until later this year and if you are desperately seeking financial rescue from this kinship care crisis it most likely isn’t coming anytime soon, if ever.


In a document submitted by the cabinent , statistics of the current Kinship Care financial foster payment program were troublesome. Of almost 24,000 requests just over a thousand had been approved.Read More »KY’S KINSHIP CARE CRISIS