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Mammaw Chronicles

My Life’s Memoirs

Almost Homeless (again)

Every setback, failure, heartbreak, and disappointment that doesn't break you, strengthens you. Although it seems we have hit rock bottom, we have the strength to tackle the climb back up. GOD sets these challenges in front of us to build the strength and understanding to help others overcome the obstacles we have.

For The Love of Young Readers

Give your children the gift of everything reading and try for free. ABC Mouse provides hours and hours of learning and it's subsidiaries supplement with reading and fun activities.
Push Present or Push Gift

Push Gifts

Push Gifts. Have you heard of this? Some people think it's a wonderful idea, some think it's tacky, and everything in between.
Medication Assistance

Medication Assistance

Do you or someone else you know struggle with the costs of medication? Have you ever searched for medication assistance programs? Even with insurance, high deductibles and copays, have the average American thinking twice before filling a prescription. Is it necessary? Can I live without it? What will I need to go without to get it?