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As you may have read on the home or about pages, I am a grandparent raising my four grandchildren. My daughter, their mother, passed away on December 31, 2017 but I actually had full custody of the oldest three since 2013. This process has been nothing short of hard and traumatic. I have spoke with so many other caregivers over the years who have had equally tough times or worse. We face losing everything including our homes, cars, savings and then the kids. This system is not set up in any of our best interests and I hope to see that changed in the very near future. 


Why I started blogging

Caregivers are at the heart of why I started blogging. We need to be heard and understood. It is helpful knowing you are not alone and it is my hopes that we can come together for change and for the best interest of the children we sacrifice for. I have suffered many of my lowest lows because of the injustices and lack of support shown to kinship caregivers, especially grandparents, aunts and uncles.

New Caregivers can find resources here – Kinship Survival Guide



Thank You!

To all grandparents, family members and friends providing kinship or fictive care, Thank you! You are hero’s to me and the children you love and keep safe and with loved ones. 

Thank You for taking time out of your busy day to join me here. I am in the beginning stages of this idea of mine but my vision is to create a full list of resources. Also I want to create call to action items as they arise so we can ban together and work to get them done. Right now Kinship Care payments here in KY are at the top of my list.  See Kinship Care Crisis.



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Please like and share some posts while you are here with other caregivers or grieving parents. I share my stories here with the public because I have been led by GOD to do so. The lessons we must learn are often painful but I trust GOD has a reason and that one reason is to help others to heal from the experiences.

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Again ,thank you for all that you do!!



Tell your story

This space will be reserved for when others are comfortable with me and want to share their stories. I welcome and encourge stories, prayer requests and comments.

Please share this on your social media sites and with anyone you know taking care of relative or friends children and subscribe to my blog for updates.


What’s your story?

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