Kinship Care Crisis in KY

As I was Googling Kentucky Kinship Care 2018 yesterday I came across the coalition page. There had been an update in the last week. Still no money, but leaders have been in session and addressing supports for Kinship providers. The plans will not be shared until later this year and if you are desperately seeking financial rescue from this kinship care crisis it most likely isn’t coming anytime soon, if ever.


In a document submitted by the cabinent , statistics of the current Kinship Care financial foster payment program were troublesome. Of almost 24,000 requests just over a thousand had been approved.

The Con

Keeping our grandchildren, nieces and nephews out of foster care and with family is the ONLY choice for many of us. It’s what we know. Family stays together over everything and it seems the state counts on that to toss us in their loophole. What they don’t tell you until much later (not that it would change a thing) is that if they ask you if you are willing to take the kids during the investigation and you agree, you are disqualified from receiving Kinship Care assistance. My daughter  was facing a mental health crises and refused to take the three children she had at the time back. She wasn’t fit at that time, if at anytime, to raise them anyway. She tried to get daycare assistance to help during the day and it would have helped to avert the crises some. However, the worker handling her case never would return her call. I was working and had a decent job so out of desperation I called and started a case hoping for help.

Lies, Lies, More Lies

My CPS worker said that she couldn’t help me get daycare assistance or any other help. I had to apply for assistance and most programs go by your income. This refusal of services was the start of our decline and financial nightmare.The Kinship Survival Guide goes in depth into services that can be started by the CPS worker.  Fast forward to now five years later. We have both lost our jobs, last week my car was repossessed and we were served an eviction notice. KTAP pays  $329 for four children total and that doesn’t begin to relieve the burden. A MOTHERS GRIEF was written to share the hardship we faced after our daughters death. I am not alone, on that website there were several comments that mirror mine. Families are losing everything to keep their grandchildren out of foster care. These families save the state thousands of dollars in foster payments yearly.  If we didn’t take the children and they went into foster care, where does that money come from?

Grandchildren being raised by grandparents. Look at those smiles!

Share your story

I encourage grandparents to share their stories. If we are not vocal and if we don’t join forces together, nothing will change. Kinship caregivers face ridicule for expressing discontent with how we are treated from the public. The opinion seems to be that we should not ask for help to raise our own family. A child being removed from their home needs additional support. It doesn’t matter where they go, they are affected regardless. Most of us have just left the parent phase and have started working for our futures.  Adding children back to our households unexpectedly puts a huge financial and even social burden on the household. Please submit your story to me to share in a Kinship Korner spotlight to support each other and what we do. Let’s get the word out and lighten the hearts of our community so quick to judge. I pay taxes, you pay taxes, so why can’t we get the help offered to foster families with that money? I, for one, can not fathom that any grandmother would scheme for custody just to take advantage of a payment that is barely enough to care for one child much less multiple. #ittakesavillage. Before closing this story I found a facebook page I had not come across before. Support Kinship Care In Kentucky. Please like and share the page and follow the current call to action! We have to be loud on this and someone is offering to help so let’s write and call the people on the list often because they are the ones who can fix this!
1 Timothy 5:8 ESV But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

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