Misplaced Children Here and At The Border.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. Stacia Tauscher


Misplaced Children

My heart is aching for the immigrant misplaced children all over the news networks and covering my social media feeds. I am a bleeding heart liberal as “they” say but I also know that there is a very large population of crying misplaced children in each and every one of our own backyards from children being separated from their families.


Why are they separated?

How many of us assume that if child protective services removes a child from their home that the child has been grossly abused physically, mentally or sexually? The hard truth is no; for a large number of children it is not the case.

Difference in opinion of how a state worker and a parent think a child should be raised? What about poverty?
It doesn’t fit with the idea that we have in our minds about child services and our rights as parents and caregivers.

The cold truth is that if a state social service worker sets their sights on you and your child you have potentially no say when it comes to your child. This is not the norm, most workers do everything they can to keep the family together, but it does happen. Now picture what that child looks like being ripped from his mom or dads arms and the emotions that child has to go through. Now imagine that up to twenty times for that same child.


Maltreatment Statistics

The average foster child has two – four placements a year and can be much higher. See statistics
A child doesn’t care what they don’t have at home that a social worker or government deems a neccessity. Ask any child removed from home where they want to be and I bet it is home. How many years ago was it that many of our neccessities now were not in use?
My grandparents went outside in all weather, day or night, to use an outhouse.
Families homes were lit by candle and moonlight not electricity.
Before insulation, I imagine those old houses were as cold as staying in a tent.
In 2016, 10 percent of child victims nationwide were removed for inadequate housing with some individual states reporting up to 34 percent.
In the same year, nationally, 15.5 percent of children were removed for financial problems, with individual states reporting up to 51.9 percent.
Arizona listed 86 % of all child victims in these two categories.
Essentially falling on hard times and ending up in poverty could be grounds for losing all rights to your children. Child Maltreatment 2016
Even more astonishing than the fact that these children are put in foster care and denied placements with family willing and wanting to take them is the fact that foster care homes are paid $25-$55 per day, per child.
It seems the more humane situation would be to make the repairs or buy the furniture or pay the utility bill up for the family member who is being denied guardianship.
WHO report highlighting child Abuse statistics by many factors and options and ideas for prevention and education.

This is an issue we should ALL stand together on!


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