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Push Gifts

Push Gifts. Have you heard of this? Some people think it's a wonderful idea, some think it's tacky, and everything in between.

Personal Recipes

Chocolate Trifle Cake Dessert Shopping List 1 box chocolate cake mix ( I use devil’s food) {See package for needed ingredients}2 small boxes of instant chocolate puddingMilkCool WhipChocolate bar Preparation Follow directions on cake mix to prepare the batterDivide cake batter into 2 round cake pansBake per instructions Prepare instant… Read More »Personal Recipes

Medication Assistance

Do you or someone else you know struggle with the costs of medication? Have you ever searched for medication assistance programs? Even with insurance, high deductibles and copays, have the average American thinking twice before filling a prescription. Is it necessary? Can I live without it? What will I need to go without to get it?