Personal & Spiritual Growth

It’s my party and I’ll blog if I want too!

The inspiration behind the idea:

It came to me just a day and a half ago. To begin with, I needed a promotional opening for my blog and secondly, my birthday is on Thursday. Naturally, combining both events made a great opportunity to promote my blog opening and have an online party. Self-improvement and sharing the word of GOD has been of high importance lately, thus (42 weeks) personal & spiritual growth, the list, was born. I have been working on this blog for a couple of months and consequently, like almost everything else I do, I have been learning by trial and error. However, I know if I don’t pick a date and go for it, it will never happen. Generally, I am a perfectionist. Here is a brief background of events leading up to the list.

Lately, life has been upside down. As a result, it seems I am stuck in a low place. However, My faith in GOD is strong, and I know HE has my back but is waiting for me to make a move.

In less than two years my family has suffered such significant losses that consequently we can’t seem to bounce back like usual. In addition, we are on the verge of losing everything, including our jobs, car, and today most likely our home. However, we still have each other, our faith, and the will to climb back from this downward spiral and find ours

New “Normal” for the Grieving

There is nothing in this world that I can imagine more devastating than losing your child. Likewise, whether the loss occurs in pregnancy, adulthood or any stage in between, the impact is profound for the family. Especially for the parents, siblings, and the children of the deceased if death occurs to an adult child. However, our society cannot accept that our pain will last forever, and most importantly, it will change us. Furthermore, we may take years to become “normal” again. Subsequently, increased pressure or conflict at work, between family members, friends, or even at home has potentially devastating consequences for the grieving individual. Conversely, showing unfading compassion and empathy, in all capacities, could lessen the extenuated grief period caused by extraordinary stressors. Hence, creating healthy, productive environments for all parties and reducing the chances of the affected individual developing long term PTSD and other life-altering mental illnesses.

Posts in 42 Weeks, The list

We All Have A Part In Good and Bad Mental Health

This society poses many challenges for changing the stigma of mental illness, resulting in exacerbated suffering for the affected person, intensifying their conditions. The stigmas need to change and fast! Kindness, sincere kindness, (we can see behind the BS), can make vast differences in the lives of those suffering, and in turn the lives of the ones who helped get them there. Personal and Spiritual growth is continuous and important to live a quality life

42 Weeks of Personal & Spiritual Growth, The List

The list in no certain order:


  1. Practice meditation technique
  2. Daily gratitude
  3. Manifesting and positive thoughts
  4. M
  5. Self Publish an ebook
  6. Take a writing class
  7. Read a classic novel for the first time
  8. re-read a favorite classic novel
  9. Make a vision board
  10. Create and use an action plan and to do list
  11. Learn ten more tech phrases and how to apply them correctly
  12. Take a free course online
  13. Write a short story
  14. Start writing a book of memoirs
  15. Take a photography class
  16. Write my congressmen and women, email and call to support a change I believe in


  1. Work toward a healthier lifestyle by walking, drinking more water and a regular sleep habit.


  1. Volunteer at: A Shelter
  2. A Church
  3. And a charitable o (ex: Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, etc. )
  4. A NICU unit in a hospital
  5. Organize meals for a family during a crisis,
  6. or a family a year into the grief period or long
  7. Find a way to help someone in need who won’t ask, i.e., catch up laundry, watch kids so they can have a moment of rest.
  8. Perform a daily random of act of kindness
  9. Do a clothing and food drive for a local church
  10. Organize my group and raise money for Sleep Out America on November 16, 2018

  1. Visit an art exhibit
  2. Go to the ballet
  3. Vacation, ALONE, anywhere (this terrifies me)


  1. Tell my grandkids and my son I am proud of them every day, give a kind word to my husband.
  2. Reconnect with family
  3. Forgive those who have placed anger in my heart (for me, not them).
  4. Give each grandbaby a day with me to themselves and let them choose the


In summary, at the end of 41 weeks, I will reflect on this time and my experiences, growth, or setbacks. Lastly, in week 42 the final article in this series will recap and highlight my highs and lows along this journey. Moreover how I have grown both personally and spiritually and what I am preparing to do to continue that improvement. Ultimately, the goal is to learn to release all control of myself to the will of GOD and to always present a positive, .

  • If you have come this far, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will follow me on this journey. Your support is encouraging and I am incredibly grateful. *Jennifer