personal and spiritual growth

Week One Intro, Personal and Spiritual Growth

Week 1 of 42 in 42 weeks of personal and spiritual growth. 
Me and the girls.
Me and the girls

Week One

In order to truly be open to growth and healing I needed to face what was holding me back. I had to address the elephant on my chest.  My mental health has not been good for some time. A series of events lead me into a downward mental spiral. 

My daughters death which has to be dealt with over time, my marriage, also to be worked on over time, and the loss of my job. My job used to be my safe haven. However, it was the events that took place in my workplace that proved to be too much for my mind to handle thus leading me to the state I am in now.

Workplace harassment is a huge problem around the world and currently if you are not in a protected class and can prove the harassment was directly related to that protection, there is nothing to protect you from enduring it.

Here is my story: Workplace Bullying

Week 1 of 42 in 42 weeks of personal and spiritual growth. 
A rose from my flower garden.
A rose from my flower garden

Protection Needed!

Writing about what happened to me has been very therapeutic. I encourage anyone else who has or is currently experiencing this to talk to someone who can objectively listen to you as well. We need serious regulations to protect us from this extreme form of abuse. Also businesses need to be held responsible for the actions of their poor management and harassment policies!

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