Push Gifts

What are PUSH Gifts or Push presents?

I came across this term last night in an article for the very first time. Obviously, I had to look it up, having no idea what it meant. My first thoughts were it must be a new notification, thinking in terms of push notifications. Anyone else? Have you heard of this? Am I the last person to find out about it? Apparently, Push Gifts or Push Presents are gifts given to a woman right before, during or after labor. Push Presents! It’s perfectly acceptable to receive them whether you actually have to push or not. C Sections still qualify you for gifts, pushing is not an actual requirement.

One generation shy of Gen-X, dangit

Was I born one generation too early! In the first place, no big reveal parties, or cute t-shirts strategically placed on my dog to announce to the world that I was expecting. Secondly, no pink or blue balloons or cake mixes stuffed into a box or hidden under icing to reveal the sex of my children. Consequently, I guess I did receive “push gifts” in the form of flowers and teddy bears from the family that visited me in the hospital — however, no diamonds or Mercedes from the husband.

Mercedes & Carats & Bling, Oh My!

I was intrigued so I did a little research. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the idea of push gifts for delivering my children. There is not a better gift in this world than the gift of life that you created and carried around for nine months while the miracle took place inside your belly. However, that being said, a thank you gift from your significant other, especially one from the heart to express their gratitude is a nice gesture. The reviews are mixed however, some think it’s a wonderful idea, some think it is tacky, and everything in between. Incidentally, some women did report receiving big expensive cars and huge diamond rings. Technically, the car is used to get baby safely from point A to point B so okay, we will consider that a family necessity.

Sentimental Treasures

In my opinion, I think it is a nice gesture if it is given out of love and appreciation. Preferably, the push present should have some sentimental meaning and focus on the gift of childbirth. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Look how absolutely adorable this charm is

All twelve birthstones are available to personalize your charms. The white gold bootee featured to the left is one of several styles offered. Click the Link below for all options.


To , and beyond!

The infinity symbol has profound meaning, and I often relate it to my children because of the intense love, the eternal, complete love that comes along with a child. Gabriel & Co. has some beautiful pieces that would show her you care, such as the 14K white gold infinity band shown below. Click the following link to see this ring and other sentimental push gifts available for purchase.



Something Unique

Finally, How about a personal star? For instance “The day we became three” or “ The day our love created our life” and the birth date would work great for your personalized gift.

Tell me what you think? Also, is Push Gift a fitting name for it? For example, what about a birthing gift or Delivery Gift? Finally, did you receive a Push Present with your babies? Follow Me @   http://www.mammawchronicles.com/home

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