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I miss you to the moon and back

Chelsie’s Star is a poem about A MOTHERS GRIEF. In remembrance of my special girl! 

This emptiness I am feeling
It rarely goes away
Not sure how I made it
Through another day.


Reminders are everywhere
No matter where I go
I cannot get past that dreadful day
We said goodbye there in the snow.


Your smile is all around me
There is magic in your eyes
I wonder are you with me now
And disappointed when I cry?
Somehow, I always knew
I had you on borrowed time


You had faith in my strength
I put on a pretty good show
All the pretending went away
The day you had to go.


You taught me true love
And you taught me true pain
You gave me something to fight for
You did not go in vain.




Love and Marriage?

I am no expert at marriage although I am two days away from my twenty-year wedding anniversary. I feel like if this were a job, I would be considered an expert and would feel like one as well. Every day brings on a new emotion. One day I feel like I can compromise on an issue that makes me feel unhappy and jaded and the next I am questioning if I am giving too much.

How much happiness are we allowed or should we expect? There is not greener grass elsewhere. To get this far there had/has to be love, right? Do most marriages hit this bump after a lifetime together or has our extreme circumstances placed us here? Ten years ago, I wanted to be like my grandparents who were celebrating 45 years together. I just knew they had it figured out. Today I wonder if they just tolerate each other out of convenience and habit.Read More »LOVE AND MARRIAGE?

Kinship Survival Guide

Grandparents raising grandchildren or GRG for short, is a growing issue all over the country. In this article I will share some tips for survival.